We are a husband and wife "Southern Style" Gospel Music Duet.  

We sing "Southern  Style" Gospel  music.   We  do; however, place very strong emphasis on the "Gospel" part of our music ministry.  We have been proclaiming the joy of JESUS in song for over twenty years.  From the very begining of our ministry we have known how blessed we were to be allowed to proclaim the "Joy of JESUS in song"; therefore our name "Simply Blest" was born.

Donna has one of the most awesome Soprano voices you will ever be blessed to hear; she always gives credit to the ONE to whom credit is always due, for her wonderful talent and that is her personal savior JESUS CHRIST.  She has been a born again believer for over 53 years and says the walk gets sweeter each day.  As she likes to say she is not perfect nor will she ever be but praise the Lord she is forgiven and walks in the newness of life.

Bill always likes to say he is the Simple one of the group, Miz Baby is the Blest one.  Then one day while shaving he looked in the mirror while standing next to Miz Baby and WOW looks as if he is the Blest one after all to have her.  Blest with a natural smooth baritone voice that blends so well with Donna how we both praise HIS name to get to sing the Lord's praises and tell folks the wonderful things He has done in our lives.  He has been a born again believer over 64 years and also has no claim to perfection but complete forgivness through the shed blood and grace of Jesus Christ. 

We are now scheduling appointments for  2013/2014

We would be delighted to come and participate in your worship service, homecoming, concert, or just an old fashioned singing service.

We may be contacted as follows:

Bill & Donna Ledford
PO Box 814
Pell City, AL 35125



May you and yours also be "Simply Blest"


Get Great Southern Gospel






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